Success in CRE Step 2: Work Your Listings

In today’s environment there are many different forums where we can market our listings. This includes websites, signage, and print material, as well as calling other area brokers to alert them of the newly listed property.

One of the most important things that you can do is to actually work your listings. You can not just sit back and wait for the phone to ring or have leads come to you. To be successful in CRE you must be able to seek out potential occupiers of the space. For instance, if it is a retail establishment do research to find out what is needed in that area. Reach out to businesses to see if they want to relocate – there could be someone out there looking to increase or decrease their space. Other businesses may be looking to relocate to a different area where they would be best serving their client.

To find potential buyers and tenants you may need to investigate the area’s chamber of commerce page to find existing businesses or retails that could occupy the space.

Some are more responsive than others. You may need to take some time to create a presentation or pitch on why this property may be a better fit for them than the one they are currently using.

SVN ® is a brand known for being inclusive and building trust within the industry through our open and transparent sales process. We are the industry’s leader in collaboration and our culture gives ever Advisor the opportunity to succeed on their own while also being part of a larger team that works, plays and wins together. We have training provided by SVN International that includes:

SVN | Jump Start

SVN | Advisor Elite Program

Operations Summit

System for Growth

Best Practices Webinar Series

Our advisors also enjoy constant communication with our groups Managing Directors, Chris and Doug, that they can lean on for individualized support, mentoring, and advice.

Our office-side chat series is lead by Chris Pascucci.

Chris is Managing Director for SVN The Masiello Group.

Contact Chris today!


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